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Only a quick walk from work for me and they're open nice and early so I do't have to take time off to come in. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Loved my hygienist, she explained everything she was doing and gave me the best teeth cleaning I've had in years. Dr. LaRose is great too, nice to find a fellow New Englander!

~Lindsay C.

The office staff is friendly, helpful and super-competent. The dental hygienists are kind, capable and reassuring to those of us with slight fears of dental work. And Dr. LaRose is great. He has a manner of explaining what he's doing that takes the unknowing anxiety out of any procedure.

Everytime I leave, I think, wow they're so nice, and huh, that procedure wasn't bad at all.

Bonus: The office looks out on Farragut Square so you can look at the trees and the park

~Brian D.

I love Dr. LaRose and his office. I hate going to the dentist, and find it really painful. Dr. LaRose was really nice, and his whole office was helpful and pleasent. For example, I messed up my insurance information, and they happily fixed it for me. If you work downtown, the location is really easy.

~Ann D.

They're out of network for my insurance plan so I pay a little more out of pocket, but I've been going there for years and really enjoy the office. All the staff is friendly and I look forward to my twice yearly cleanings.

~Lemon C.

Thanks for accommodating my schedule!.

~Jon F.

I was referred to Dr. Larose by a fellow biking friend. I am seriously afraid of dentists and hygenists - I have had some bad experiences in the past, where I have been "butchered" in the chair, by uncaring dentists/hygenists. I tell them that I need for them to be VERY GENTLE. My appointment there recently went very well. It's a pretty small office, a little claustrophic, but not too bad. The staff at the front desk are very friendly and caring. The hygenist, Michelle, was pretty good - I told her that she does her work like Jiffy Lube - fast and efficiently. :) One main thing they do is to apply a numbing solution (by a swab) to your gums, so that you don't feel any effects from their cleaning and work. This makes a HUGE difference right off the bat. I had full mouth x-rays and also bitewing x-rays done, along with the cleaning. They found that I needed to have a filling re-done, so I came back a few days later to have that done by the dentist, Paul Larose.

Dr. Larose is a friendly guy, and you feel at ease in his presence. Hanging on the wall nearby is a Washingtonian magazine cover, saying that he made the Best Dentists in DC. That is reassuring as well. :) He also applied the numbing solution to the gums BEFORE he put the novocaine needle in - another great thing - that I didn't need to feel that needle. :) He, like the hygenist, worked fast and efficiently, and had his assistant there to take care of the hose to suck out any liquid in my mouth. They worked very well together.

I must say, it's one of the better dental appointments I've had in my life, and that says a lot, since I'm 50. :) I've had a lot of life experiences!

Although he is not covered in my dental plan, I think it's worth it to have him as a dentist, since he is close to my office and also is a very good dentist. He and his staff have worked together for many, many years, and it shows. I can recommend them highly.

~Charmaine R.

Excellent! The entire office staff is very friendly and courteous, as well as accommodating. Dr. LaRose is professional, very nice, and knows what he is talking about. I would definitely recommend him!

~Mick M..

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